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How uSUP Works

We keep it simple so you can focus on your experience.
Simple Delivery
Don't about roof racks for your rental, overpaying at the resort, or keeping your boards secure while you eat out. üSUP is stress-free. Simply tell us where you are staying and we will have the board (deflated in backpack case, with paddle and pump) delivered right to you. When you are done simply ship it back with the prepaid label. Or, apply your rental payment towards a discounted purchase of the board and just take it home with you!
Take Anywhere
Don't be restricted about where you can go or stop because you are hauling around a huge board - or multiple boards! Take the uSUP with you everywhere. It comes in a simple backpack and when you are ready to SUP just take it out and pump it up (manual or electric) and get out there and explore! When you're done, you can pack it back up and drop it in the room or keep it in your trunk. Fit 3-4 easily in a standard car trunk!
High Quality
Don't get stuck with an old, beatup, waterlogged rental board. Your üSUP board is pro-quality and designed for performance and comfort with maximum glide and maneuverability. Your üSUP inflatable is designed to provide the durable characteristics of a hard board while retaining portability - single Mozo board supports up to 500 lbs!


Why uSUP?

We started uSUP to allow people to experience Hawaii from a totally new perspective. There is no better way to explore the islands than from a board. But dealing with paying ridiculous tourist hourly rental rates, struggling to strap a board to your car or taking it with you in your über, and storing boards in your room during your trip make renting a SUP difficult. That's why we created uSUP - to allow you to affordably rent a pro-grade inflatable SUP that fits into its own backpack. Take your SUP anywhere. Explore with ease. Stress-free delivery/return. uSUP - uHappy.
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